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Shapes of Light Exhibition: Monaco, June 2022

Updated: May 2, 2023

“With this exhibition, the four artists have created a poetic juxtaposition of light and dark, of colour and monochromatism, of figurative and abstract.”

shapes of light exhibition, Espace 22, art gallery monaco

Fortunate enough to be able to organise the Shapes of Light Exhibition in Monaco, in June 2022, my work was showcased alongside that of fellow photographer, Daniel Boss, and painters, Liudmilla Sun and Ebba Balestra di Mottola.

The Shapes of Light Exhibition was described as “a visual feast for the eye and mind, inviting the viewer on a journey through time and space to celebrate the beauty and the joy of life”, and I know I may be biased, but it certainly didn’t disappoint.

Over the course of the two weeks, we welcomed many guests, due in part to the amazing location, right in the heart of Monaco. In addition, the cocktail party was well-attended, providing the perfect opportunity for art lovers, advisors, and gallerists to mix and mingle in the South of France.

espace 22 art gallery monaco

Espace 22 Art Gallery Monte Carlo

Espace 22 Art Gallery Monaco, Maja Kerin Art

Espace 22 Art Gallery Monaco, Maja Kerin Art

Maja Kerin Art, Espace 22 Art Gallery

Monte Carlo Art Gallery, Espace 22

Art Gallery Monaco, Espace 22, Maja Kerin Art

Maja Kerin Art, Monaco Art Gallery, Art Exhibition Monaco

The exhibition got FEATURED in La Gazette de Monaco and Visit Monaco.

Participating in a group event such as the Shapes of Light Exhibition brings many benefits for an artist. We had the opportunity to engage with other artists and network with art professionals such as curators, art advisors, collectors, and gallerists from Monaco and South of France.

It defenetly offered the opportunity to showcase our work in a prestigious location to a diverse audience, which helped to increase our visibility and gain recognition in the art world.

While you’re here, if you're looking for some pieces to enhance your living or working space, feel free to browse my collections at Maja Kerin Art.

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