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URBAN | Rhapsody #4 | Perfect Imperfections Series

URBAN | Rhapsody #4 | Perfect Imperfections Series

Limited Edition Artwork | Edition 1/12


Each place has its own heartbeat, its own frequency and the Perfect Imperfections series capture those vibrations perfectly. The series were created in Italy, by the tower of Pisa. 

RHAPSODY #4 reflects the moving layers of the Pisa tower. 


    High Quality And Durability: Your artwork is printed directly on aluminium using a modern, 7-colour technique and top-grade UV Fine Art inks. Direct prints on aluminium are matte, glare-free and water resistant. Our artworks always arrive ready to hang: the aluminium rails attached to the back are included in the standard price. The standard aluminium Dibond print comes unframed. 


    We can also have your artwork FRAMED.

    FRAMING: We have over 100 frames to choose from. Select the frame that best fits your style, or make a bold statement through deliberate contrast. The choice is yours!


    Book your Personal Assistant Appointment and get help making final decisons.


PriceFrom 1 500,00€
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