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NATURE | Moody Sea | Aqua Series

NATURE | Moody Sea | Aqua Series

Limited Edition Artworks | Edition 5/12


The aqua series is an invitation to a relaxing day by the water. The blue colour of this arwork evokes calmness. It fights both physical and mental tension and is used to assist in relaxation. 


    High Quality And Durability: Your artwork is printed directly on aluminium using a modern, 7-colour technique and top-grade UV Fine Art inks. Direct prints on aluminium are matte, glare-free and water resistant. Our artworks always arrive ready to hang: the aluminium rails attached to the back are included in the standard price. The standard aluminium Dibond print comes unframed. 


    We can also have your artwork FRAMED.

    FRAMING: We have over 100 frames to choose from. Select the frame that best fits your style, or make a bold statement through deliberate contrast. The choice is yours!


    Book your Personal Assistant Appointment and get help making final decisons.


PriceFrom 2 500,00€
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